John Nicholson Driving School Under 17 Driver Training North East

  • Driving lessons Darlington area for children.

  • Wanting to get behind the wheel of a car but too young?

  • No legal age limit with our facilities!

  • Special Insurance for off road under 17’s (certificate can be seen)

  • Look no further with John Nicholson Driving School Under 17 Driver Training!!!

With the success of John Nicholson Driving School passing many students over the last several years on the usual driving test( click here to see results ) we have done something different to expand further and now are offering Under 17 driver training fully insured on a large piece of private land for the ages of under 17 years old,  for the for a lot cheaper than the Young Driver Training offers this service for.

Get ahead of the game when taking your first driving lesson on the road.


  • Driving lessons for kids
  • No Provisional licence needed
  • Fully insured for under 17’s
  • Great birthday gift
  • Manoeuvres from the real driving test taught
  • More confidence for first driving lesson on the road


So what is it we offer?

I am a fully qualified and DBS checked driving instructor. I will be teaching you the basics in our stylish Sandero Stepway beginning with moving off/stopping, progressing to more advanced driving the longer you spend in the car detailed below.

Progress can be made from there right through to teaching the six main manoeuvres which have been conducted on the driving test. All progress is tracked using a progress chart.

First session would be based on using the controls

  • Stopping/starting
  • Steering
  • Use of clutch work
  • Moving off/stopping

Cones used to create different models

  • Junctions Left
  • Junctions Right
  • Crossroads
  • Roundabouts

Following sessions would be Official manoeuvres off the real driving test

  • Bay park
  • Parallel park
  • Turn in the road
  • Pull up on right
  • Emergency stop
  • Forward bay parking

Based in, Redworth, I will cater to the local areas of Darlington, Bishop Aukland, Shildon, Barnard Castle, Teeside, Durham, Crook and all surrounding Villages. To get your young one behind the wheel now call

07498911646 or email

If you need to know more about me as a person or as an instructor you can click here to read my reviews

This rare opportunity offers the best experience for your young ones and includes the price it costs myself to provide the private land, appropriate insurance and other normal running costs of a driving school including public indemnity. This unique service will give your child a gift they truly remember and offers valuable experience behind the wheel.

Pricing is at

£34.95 for a 30 minute session

£49.95 for a 1 hour session

Pricing is available for longer sessions, however,60 minutes has proved must popular. Booking in advance recommended, so for any enquiries just drop me a message and we can give your young one a head start behind the wheel.