Well done to Alexandra Sosnowska who today passed her driving test with just 2 minor driving faults first attempt. Cracking drive, been a pleasure to teach and i look forward to seeing you out and about.

What is the best time of day to take your driving test? Does it make a real difference to whether you pass?

EVERY second counts when it comes to taking your driving test as it is said the time of day can be the difference between passing or failing. A study of pass rates says diferent.

Source: What is the best time of day to take your driving test? It can make a REAL difference to whether you pass

I read this article on The Sun’s website discussing ‘When is the best time to take your driving test’, statistics shown tell us that the best time to take your driving test is between 7pm and 9pm, as learners taking their test at this time are around 15% more likely to pass than at other times during the day. Tests taken between 11am and 1pm experience the highest fail rates, with other times of the day varying only slightly around a 50% pass rate.

So should you book your driving test between 7pm and 9pm?

The only disadvantage to booking this time slot is that it will cost you £75 compared to a standard daytime rate of £62, which isn’t a huge difference in price, especially when it might help you save against the cost of a second test.

Ideally I want to be able to prepare my students to be able to take their driving test at any time of the day, however being tested, can add additional pressure to normally well prepared drivers, so maybe we should look at why tests taken between 7pm and 9pm are experiencing higher pass rates? It’s thought that it’s most likely to be because roads are quieter at this time of the day and those people still driving are in less of a rush.

Research about success rates in other types of tests shows high success rates for tests taken in the morning, because cognitive function is higher in the morning. This is reflected in the fact that driving tests taken in the morning also experience higher pass rate, although the impact of rush hour on the 7am-9am time slot leaves 9am-11am the second best time to take your test with passes reaching 52%.

If you want to read the full article produced on The Sun’s website you can follow the link here, statistics for the research were based on data released by Dayinsure.

– are most likely to pass, according to the data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

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