What is the best theory test apps to use

Written By John Nicholson

December 12, 2022

What really is the best theory test apps to use?

Ever wondered what the best theory test apps is to use?

As a driving instructor who uses the most successful products for my driving school to get my students passed their theory test first attempt and the and out of all the best theory test app I use, the one i chosen is driving test success.

With this App, your sure for success on your theory test and because of its 5 star reviews as well as the success, I have had with my students that’s enough reason to spend less than £5 to pass your theory test first attempt and speed up the process of learning by being able to book your practical driving test right away.

Here are some of the benefits

  • Free customer support
  • Easy straightforward to use
  • established 22 years
  • helped 12 million learner drivers prepare 



lets talk about what will happen on the theory test, what will happen and what to expect on the day of your theory test.

What to take to your test?

On the day of your theory test, you will need to take your provisional driving licence.

If you don’t take your driver’s licence, you will not be allowed to sit the test so remember to take your licence.Best theory tests apps

How the theory test works?

When you arrive with your driver’s licence, show them your licence and tell them you who you are.

There will also be security checks and you will have to place all your belongings in a locker which you get back at the end of your theory test.

This is where the best theory test apps become beneficial

The theory test is split into two parts

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Hazard perception

You will need to score 43/50 on multiple choice and score 44/75 on hazard perception

Driving test success is without a doubt one of the best theory test apps out there.

The app i use for my students targets the way the test is structured out offering you the best chance of success and that’s why its important to choose the best theory tests apps.

When you pass you will receive your pass certificate then you will be ready to discuss with your instructor and arrange a date to book a driving test or if you are leaning with family you can arrange it around whoever you are learning with.

If you are learning with family or friends be sure to get your driving test check list here where you will get your  free progress chart, driving test report and free pdf guiding you right through the whole process of learning to drive again absolutely free.

Why cant i pass the theory test?


Have you heard of flashcards? these are proven to stimulate the brain and increase intake of what you read, don’t just read, don’t just use the best theory test apps out there, have some fun with the materials i use with my students, they are cheap and cheaper than the price of another theory test.

If its your first attempt click here  to buy the best materials and pass first time, you don’t have to revise as hard and its less stressful

Is the apps useful?

It depends on if you use the best theory test apps, but in general its a simple yes, my students use driving test success, and you can download it here.

It’s there with the best theory test apps for the mock test, and multiple-choice questions and hazard perception clips are realistic and easy to use.

As well as using the the best theory test apps I would also buy the books if you have not already, these are reliable sources as discussed previously.


Too get the best out of your learning as well why not get the materials all my students use? learning and revising  can be difficult when its not fun, why not make it more fun and simpler.

Remember to revise the UK pass rate for the theory test, take my advice and you wont fail!


If you get the best theory test apps and combine them with the revision materials I recommend and revise properly then you will be sure to be walking out of that theory test centre with your theory test pass certificate and ready to book your driving test.


Good luck with your theory test and be sure to ping me a message when you pass.

You can also see all my recommendations for the first goodies to get for your first car here

If you have nit booked your theory test already you can book it by clicking here


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