Best driving test cancellation app UK

Written By John Nicholson

August 26, 2016

What is a driving test cancellation app?

Hi, this is John your trusted driving instructor and welcome to my review on best driving test cancellation app UK

Have you failed your driving test recently?

Are you waiting for ages for the next test available, Has the driving test centre recently cancelled your test at short notice and put you down the list for another test with another wait, potentially months?

Register within my professional opinion the best theory test app UK

Driving test cancellation app free?

Now let’s not get off on the wrong foot here because I’m here to help you guys but please, the First thing please don’t ask is whether the driving test cancellation test app is free, or the cheapest driving test cancellation app.

Is a free app cheap if it doesn’t offer any tests to you and you waste your time registering and waiting for that nothing that comes through?

It’s my job to use reliable sources at a small cost which will save you weekly driving lessons the small amount will get you quality texts coming through

If this is you then just like all my students, learn from me today how you can get a test much quicker and save potentially months of waiting for another driving test.

Why wait weeks using the app, paying for more driving lessons when you can pay a small amount and get straight back in for another test?

The app I for my students is So let’s talk about the best driving test cancel app UK, and if you question do theory test apps work, then the answer from me is absolutely they do.


Are driving test cancellation apps legit?

While some driving instructors don’t like them and claim they don’t work, for me they have been a lifesaver during covid I see no reason why anyone would make anyone want to get a retest quickly to prevent them from doing so and putting that doubt in the mind questioning, are driving test cancellation apps legit?

Of course, they are, while there is no disputing the DVSA is cutting back on third-party apps it’s mainly for those buying bulk tests using bots the best theory test app UK I use is not working in that way. They scan the system every minute and alert you as soon as a driving test cancellation comes up.Best driving test cancellation app UK

I could go through many, many students of mine who have saved weeks and even months waiting for their driving test when they are test-ready, all you must do is look at my reviews and you’ll see many students who have saved months upon months waiting for the test, especially with the backlog from COVID and are extremely happy with the outcome.

So, here’s the question what a lot of people ask our driving test cancellation apps legit, the answer is absolutely yes, they’re perfectly legit and as said have become a blessing for me getting those students to test-ready out the diary ready to start the next one.#


The best driver test cancellation up in my professional opinion is driving test cancellations now.

The reason I recommend this is because again many of my students have saved months upon end

Waiting for the test whilst being tested already have because they failed for one serious fault. And then the next test available was months away.

How often do the driving test cancellations come up?

Well, there’s a lot of rumour at the minute, because of COVID and the DVSA trying to stop these apps working that run by bought. However, there are certain apps that are still able to offer this, and again, driving test cancellations now are still working, and I am currently still using it with my students, continuing to catch up on the backlog thanks to the best driving test app UK.

Just Take Shannon who passed the driving test recently,

Whilst she checked daily some days that didn’t come up in our area. However, some days it was every single day there was a new test became available and Shannon was straight on the phone to me saving her months when we changed it from august to June, guess what Shannon passed and she is on the roads 3 months earlier.

Click here to check in on this app now and find out for yourself

How often do driving tests get cancelled?

This is a good question and why?

The reason countless amounts of driving test cancellations come up every day for you is that other people are cancelling them every day at short notice, sometimes because they don’t have an instructor, maybe they don’t feel test ready, which is why you will get your text from the best driving test cancellation app UK,

Just like Shannon and wow, the Next day she’s in the front seat of her car driving away in her car as a full quailed driver.

So, the answer is driving tests get cancelled on a regular basis, daily,

How do driving test cancellations work?

All my students often ask me, how does the driving test cancellation work?

It’s quite simple really. All we do is make sure we have a test booked.

Once you’ve booked that test, then you can register for the app, pay the fee and set it to whatever date and time you’re available.

It scans the system every minute so it will never miss a test that becomes available. Once it becomes available. It texts you. You take the test and take the next test that it offered you.

Is there a fee to cancel the driving test?

Absolutely not, slowly do it within three working days. There is no charge. While I also get asked how many times, I can move my test or cancel my driving test

If people ask me, which is the cheapest driving test cancellation app, or driving test cancellation checker free?

The answer is easy. we get what we pay for many of my students, again, use this up, because it’s worth it for the small fee that you do pay for the seven months of driving lessons. So, the cheapest driving test cancellation app is the one that you pay a little amount for because it does the job and gets you what you need for your driver’s licence.

Any app that’s free it’s probably not going to be worth it it’s free for a reason While you’re here reading this page make sure you check out drive driving test essentials for when you do get that licence as a guide for everything you need on the good look

Get the best driving test cancellation app UK here and remember to let me know when you guys’ pass

Remember to view my passed driving test essentials page for new drivers now you have pass


Good luck.


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